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Bharat Biotech: Is The Map Of India Shown By Bharat Biotech Incorrect?



Screenshot Taken From Bharat Biotech

For the information about the vaccine of Bharat Biotech, our team members tried to get information by visiting Bharat Biotech's website https://www.bharatbiotech.com/ only then we got our eye on the Indian map. If you look at the map carefully, you will know that. Two important regions of India are depicted differently.
Screenshot is taken from the website and arrow is used to make it understandable

If you look at Bhutan, it shows the line that it is a separate nation. When Nepal is seen, it is seen as a separate nation but when Kashmir and Ladakh region of India are seen, its line is also shown like Bhutan and Nepal. After all, we will talk to India Biotech for information about what is the reason for this.

Screenshot of another map taken from Biotech's website

You are also requested to look till then and tell if you are finding something wrong in this map. We saw two maps of Bharat Biotech, this was the same line in both maps. After taking this related information from Bharat Biotech, we will be able to give you further information. It is important to know whether this is the fault of Bharat Biotech or the view of people is wrong. Till then you can comment and tell that you see the line of Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh in this map wrong?

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