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Defense Update : HMS Queen Elizabeth Design for INS Vishal


In this article we will talk about HMS Queen Elizabeth. In Lima 2019, which took place in Malaysia, the BI system offered a customized variant of HMS Queen Elizabeth to India for INS Vishal and this could be one of the things on their agenda if the UK Prime Minister comes to India.

By the way, the trade deal will be at the top of Boris Johnson's agenda and the Coronavirus vaccine at number two and there is also a lot of speculation that he will also bring a defense deal and so HMS Queen Elizabeth's design deal for INS Vishal maybe in. However, ambiguity about Vishal remains. Whatever news has come, there is no talk of canceling Vishal anywhere. However, this project will be delayed and this aircraft carrier will be built after a few days, due to the cold, it cannot be started yet. But this project will not be canceled, this craft will be made in the coming time.

Let's know if HMS Queen Elizabeth's design will be right for India?

HMS Queen Elizabeth is a 65 thousand tonne super carrier using an integrated propulsion system. It has two MT30 gas turbine alternators of 36 mega watt Royal Marine and four 10 MW diesel engines. With their help, this aircraft carrier can travel 19000 km easily with a speed of 32 notes.

Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II will be operated over the British aircraft carrier, which will make this aircraft carrier even more dangerous. If you look at the design of HMS Queen Elizabeth, then it is a very good design according to the Indian requirement and as you all know that the Indian Navy also want INS Vishal as a super carrier of 65000 tons, so HMS Queen Elizabeth is fully capable for
Indian Navy.

Problem in
HMS Queen Elizabeth

Let me tell you that recently the Royal Navy's billion-pound aircraft carriers HMS Queen Elizabeth and the Prince of Wales saw a problem with their state-of-the-art radar system, which was considered vulnerable to attack. Software difficulties were reported after testing the radar system just before Christmas, but it is expected that such problems can sometimes be seen.

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