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Coronavirus Vaccine Update : UK Approves Pfizer-BioNTech Coronavirus Vaccine

Britain has become the only country in the world that has approved the use of vaccines made by the Pfizer company. The British regulatory body MHRA has stated that the Pfizer-Biotech vaccine gives 95% protection from covid-19 and it is safe to allow its widespread use.

It is being told that within a few days, people who are most at risk will start getting vaccinated. Already orders have been placed for four crores of this vaccine. Every person will be given two doses of the vaccine, which means that two crore people can get the vaccine. It is the fastest developed vaccine in the world which took 10 months to make.
Usually it takes up to a decade to get the vaccine ready, although experts say that despite this people should keep following the rules of covid. This is a special type of mRNA corona vaccine that uses fragments of coronavirus collected during a corona epidemic in the vaccine. It increases the immunity of the body and prepares the body to fight.

Never before has such a vaccine been approved for use, although such vaccines have been given to people during clinical trials. Such a vaccine is injected into the human body, it tells the immune system to create antibodies to fight the corona virus and to activate the T cell and destroy the infected cells.

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