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This Is The Scientific view of Chhath festival, Read Here

From the scientific point of view of Chhath festival, there is a special astronomical change on the Shashti Tithi i.e. Chhath, at this time, the ultraviolet rays of the Sun, collect more than normal on the surface of the Earth. Because of this, the ability to protect humans as much as possible from its possible ill effects is attained by Chhath festival. It is possible to protect organisms from the harmful effects of sunlight ultraviolet rays from observance of the festival. Earth's creatures get a lot of benefit from this. Along with sunlight, its ultraviolet rays also hit the Moon and Earth. When the sunlight reaches the earth, the atmosphere first meets. Upon entering the atmosphere, it gets an ion system. Using ultraviolet rays, the atmosphere synthesizes its oxygen element and converts it into its allotropic ozone. By this action, most of the sun's ultraviolet rays are absorbed into the Earth's atmosphere. Only a negligible part of it reaches the surface of the Earth.

Under normal conditions, the amount of ultraviolet rays reaching the surface of the Earth is in the range of tolerance of humans or organisms. Therefore, it does not have any special harmful effects on humans in the normal state, rather the harmful germs die by that sunlight, which benefits man or life. The celestial position of Chhath, reflected by the sun's ultraviolet rays, reflected from some lunar surface and refracted some spherical, reaches the Earth again in greater quantity. Recurring from the atmosphere levels, at sunset and sunrise it becomes even more dense. According to astrological calculations, this event comes after six days of Amavasya of Kartik and Chaitra month. Being based on astrological calculations, it has been named Chhath festival.

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