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Chhath Pooja 2020 :Why Indians Celebrates Chhath Festival?


There are many tales which show the tradition of Chhath Puja and its importance, which is the following:

1. In the Ramayana period

According to a belief, Lord Rama and Mother Sita fasted and worshiped Suryadev on Kartik Shukla Shashthi on the day when Ram Rajya was established after the victory of Lanka. Saptami was recited at sunrise and was blessed with Suryadev.

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2. In the Mahabharata period

According to another belief, Chhath festival started in the Mahabharata period. We all know that Karna was an ardent devotee of Lord Surya. First Suryaputra Karna started worshiping Suryadev. He used to offer arghya to Suryadev daily by standing in his waist for hours. By the grace of Suryadev, he became a great warrior. Even today, this method of arghya donation is prevalent in Chhath.

According to a folk tale, when the Pandavas lost all their royalty in gambling, Draupadi kept Chhath Vrat on being told by Shri Krishna. Then their wishes were fulfilled and the Pandavas got the Rajpat back.

In some folk tales, the worship of the sun is also mentioned by Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas. She wished her family good health and performed regular Surya Puja for long.

3. In the Puranas

According to a folk tale, King Priyavad had no children, then Maharishi Kashyap made a Yogeshuti yagya and offered his wife Malini a pudding made for Yagyahuti. Due to this effect, he was born a son, but he was born dead. Priyavad went to the crematorium with a son and the son started dying in isolation. At the same time, Devasena, the psyche of Brahmaji appeared and said that I am called Shashthi because of the sixth part of the original tendency of the universe. Hey! Rajan, you should worship me and inspire people to worship as well. The king fasted the goddess Shashthi with a son's will and he received the son Ratna. This puja was performed on Kartik Shukla Shashthi.

It is believed that Goddess Aditi performed Chhath Puja. According to a legend, when the gods were defeated by the Asuras in the first Devasur Sangram, Dev Mata Aditi worshiped the sixth Maiya in the Dev Surya temple of Devarnya to attain the glorious son. Pleased, the Sixth Maiya gave him the boon of being the perfect son of all-encompassing glory. This was followed by Aditya's son Trudev Rupa Aditya Bhagwan, who led the gods to victory over the Asuras. It is said that from that time the name of this dham became Dev and the practice of Chhath started in the name of Dev Sena Shashthi Devi.

According to the tradition, the relationship of Suryadev and chathi Maiya is brother and sister. Surya was the first worshiper of Lok Matraka Shashthi.

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