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Coronavirus Vaccine : Now This Vaccine of Corona Increases Expectations, Look Where Indian Vaccine Stands



Worldwide, the number of people infected with the corona virus has now exceeded 30 million, while the death toll is also above 1 million 29 thousand. The US tops the list of most infected people. So far, more than 7.5 million people have been infected, while the death toll is over 2 lakh 12 thousand. India also has a similar situation. Corona cases are increasing rapidly here. So far, around 64 lakh people have been infected in India, while the number of dead has reached close to one lakh. To tackle this epidemic, scientists from all over the world are busy in making vaccines. Meanwhile, a US vaccine has raised people's expectations.

According to reports, the first stage trial of the US modelna vaccine mRNA-1273 has revealed that it has caused a strong immune response in the elderly. These results have been published in the 'New England Journal of Medicine', according to which those involved in the vaccine trial tolerated it well, having no problems at all. 40 healthy volunteers were selected for the trial, of which 20 were aged 56 to 70 years and the remaining 20 were aged 71 years or more.

When can this vaccine come in the market?

Moderna's vaccine is currently undergoing Phase III trials. It is believed that the company will detect the effects of the vaccine in December and may be launched by the end of the same month or early next year.

This vaccine of America is the front runner in the race, Bioentech and Pfizer's vaccine is being considered as the front runner in the race. According to reports, the effects of the vaccine will be assessed this month and it is expected to hit the market by November. However, UGur Sahin, CEO and co-founder of BioNotech company, had said in an interview to a private news channel that the vaccine may be available by the end of October.
When will the Oxford vaccine arrive? 

The Phase III trial of the Oxford vaccine is currently underway. It is believed that this vaccine may be introduced in the market next year. Actually, this vaccine was at the forefront of the race, but the trial was stopped due to a person falling ill during the trial, due to which the vaccine may get delayed in the market.

Indian Vaccine is also in the race 

Indian authorities has launched a website for vaccine. All the details of the indian vaccine including coronavirus are on that website.You can go and check the website.

The vaccine portal consists of all the information regarding the Indian efforts towards vaccine development against various diseases including the most recent COVID-19. Interested people can visit the website on https://vaccine.icmr.org.in to get the latest information on vaccine development.  

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