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Shukrayaan-1 Mission The Fiery Planet (Life on Venus?) - ISRO



Scientists said the atmosphere of venus contains a gas that on earth can be attributed to living organisms a discovery. The head of NASA called the most significant development yet in the hunt for extraterrestrial life with new signs of potential life beyond earth. Many missions to venus have been proposed but only time will tell if they make the trip. 

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The indian space research organization (isro) has already proposed a mission to venus dubbed shukrian 1 which will orbit the planet and focus on the chemistry of its atmosphere. The mission will launch in 2023 or after ISRO chairman k siwan had said earlier this year a private company in new zealand which has launched about a dozen rockets to space has also spoken about sending a small satellite to Venus stated the new york times in a report on Venus. 

The report added that NASA national aeronautics and space administration had also considered a number of Venus proposals in the past decade including two in 2017 that were finalists of NASA's discovery program but the agency instead selected a pair of asteroid missions. The neat report added in 2017 NASA for the new frontiers competition considered a Venus mission called Venus in situ composition investigations or Vichy which sought to put two landers on the planet's surface. Two Venus spacecraft Davinci plus and Veritas are also competing against proposed missions to Neptune's moon Triton or Jupiter's volcanic moon.

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