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India-China border clash: Firing takes place on LAC in Eastern Ladakh



New Delhi: The situation along the border with China is getting worse day by day. According to sources, the Chinese Army has fired on Indian soldiers from East Ladakh, to which the Indian Army has given a befitting reply. At present, there is no news of any kind of life or property. Sources say that the Chinese soldiers wanted to repeat the Galvan-like violence to occupy the peak and Indian soldiers had to shoot in the air in defense.

Sources say that the PLA soldiers were keen to repeat the violence like Galvan. Armed Chinese soldiers moved towards the Shenapao / God Pao hill. This peak lies between Thakung and Spangur Gap. The Chinese soldiers felt that they would attack Indian soldiers like Galvan and since the two countries did have an agreement not to shoot, Indian soldiers would not fire. Sources said the Chinese troops were not warned to move forward and the Chinese army commanders at that time held discussions with an Indian brigadier to ask their forces to stand up to prevent any escalation. .

However, it has been claimed on behalf of China. A spokesman for the People's Liberation Army said, "Chinese border guards were forced to retaliate to stabilize the situation." A spokesman for the People's Liberation Army said that the Indian Army illegally crossed the LAC and entered the southern coast of Pangong Lake and Shenpao Mountains.

"During the operation, the Indian Army reportedly threatened Chinese border guards patrol personnel and forced Chinese border guards to retaliate to stabilize the situation on the ground," the statement said. China called it "a serious provocation of a very bad nature" and said, "We request the Indian side to stop dangerous actions immediately."

Explain that in the last week, Chinese troops had taken provocative action on the southern bank of Pangong Lake in Ladakh. But India was able to unilaterally prevent these efforts at the LAC from changing the status quo, the Foreign Ministry said, underlining that there were no physical skirmishes. This is the first time in the last 45 years that LAC has been fired in this manner. 


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