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India-China Update : China Has Given a Big Threat to India, If Repeats Mistake on LAC, 1962 Will Be Done, Read Full News



China has directly threatened India that 1962 will be the result if Indian Army repeats the mistake on LAC. Let me tell you that at this time the conflict between India and China in Ladakh is constantly increasing. China on Monday night accused Indian Army of firing. The Indian Army made it clear that the Indian Army did not cross the LAC at any stage and did not use any aggression, including firing. However, articles are being published continuously in Chinese media about the ongoing tension between India and China.

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The Chinese newspaper Global Times is continuously spreading its government propaganda against India. The paper quoted the PLA's Western Command spokesman as saying that the Indian Army illegally crossed the LAC on the southern side of Pangong Lake and then fired in the air in front of the patrolling Chinese troops. The team patrolling the Chinese border was forced to counter attack to maintain stability in the area.

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China's newspaper Global Times has published an article on Tuesday. This article is titled. If India repeats a mistake on the outskirts, then history will be repeated. The Global Times has written a fake claim that India has broken the agreement not to use weapons on the border. The Global Times has written, the Indian side feels that its position is weak due to non-use of weapons, so the Indian Army wants to use weapons to strengthen its capability.


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