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India- China News Update : India Deployed 100 Tanks, China Reacted


Chinese government media has objected to the deployment of 100 tanks on Ladakh border from India. It has said in a warning tone that this will affect the investment of Chinese companies in the country (India).

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In an article published on Thursday in the government newspaper Global Times, it has also been said that the two countries should work together to remove misunderstandings. Let me tell you that two days ago it was reported in the media that the Indian Army has deployed 100 tanks along the Ladakh border to combat Chinese incursions. 

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According to news agency PTI, an article published in the Global Times has tried to focus more on the damage done to India.

Wrote - "The news of deployment of 100 tanks has attracted attention. Chinese companies are also not untouched by this, because Chinese companies are thinking about increasing their investment in India."
"However, it is beyond comprehension how India can increase Chinese investment even by deploying tanks near China's border."

Why deploy tanks on Ladakh border?

There is constant infiltration from the Chinese side. Making roads and airstrips in this icy area is quite expensive. As such, deploying tanks here is a better option. By deploying the tanks, India is trying to give a message to China that India can secure its territory. At the same time, India has the right to the part on which China continues to claim.

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Amidst the news of deployment of 100 tanks, China has taken this issue very seriously. China is also increasing the special infrastructure of the army across the border. It said in the article- "The deployment of the tank can hurt the Chinese businessman." "They try to quantify the risk of political instability before making investment decisions. This matter may affect their decisions."

Let us know that China is expanding the infrastructure by deploying special units of the army near the India-China border. The Chinese media is seeing this move of India linked to it. 

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According to the report of the Global Times published in May this year, in 2015, Chinese investment in India increased by six times to $ 87 million.
Facing a trade deficit of more than $ 46 lakh billion in an annual turnover of about $ 70 billion, India is pushing China to increase investment.

India deploys these tanks


To combat the threat of infiltration into the Indian border of China, the Indian Army has deployed 100 T-72 tanks along the Ladakh border. More tanks are yet to be brought here. 

These tanks will run with special fuel in minus 45 degree Celsius temperature. 

Earlier, India had landed 5 tanks from the plane during the 1962 war. By the time these tanks arrived, India had lost.

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In which area or range these tanks are currently deployed, due to security and strategic reasons, they have not been disclosed.

According to an officer, "There are high mountains and valleys in this area. The enemy can easily move here. Because of this it is necessary that more force is placed in this area."


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