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India - China Disputes Updates:Is China going to war? India's preparation is complete



Every move of China is failing in Ladakh, and the dragon is stung by the response of Indian soldiers. China is constantly conducting maneuvers amid growing deadlock with India. China is trying to intimidate India only by putting pressure on India through its hollow substandard weapons. On the same lines, China has once again done a large maneuver near the Indian border. Today, the Chinese government's mouthpiece Global Times has shared a video of the exercises of Chinese soldiers on Twitter.

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China's army has conducted live fire drill. The Chinese army has also practiced firing missiles from tanks. A brigade under PLA Tibet Military Command conducted a live-fire drill at an altitude of more than 4,900 meters. These included missile-gun integrated weapon systems, joint strike systems, precision strikes with all-dimensional attacks among others.

Transport aircraft Y-20 H-6 bombers capable of dropping nuclear bombs also participated in this exercise. The Global Times claims that the PLA Central Theater Command Air Force has recently conducted a training exercise on the plateau. The pilots successfully completed the support operations along with overcoming challenges in the altitude zone.

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It is worth mentioning that amid increasing tension along the Line of Actual Control, fraudulent China sometimes tries to infiltrate and sometimes plans to attack Indian soldiers. The dragon sometimes turns his red eyes towards India and sometimes extends his hand of friendship to make his impact globally. But everyone knows that China is such a deceitful country that gives a dagger to the back when it is hugged.

China, who is an expansionist, is trying very hard to grab the land of India through material, price, punishment, distinction, but every time Indian brave people thwart its move. When his bus does not run anywhere, China tries to intimidate India by conducting maneuvers in its own home. Which shows his fury. However, the question is whether China is preparing for a big war, does China want war?

China is afraid of Indians agression. That is why china is showing off their weapons but everyone know about china so this war practice will not help china. India has showed the china,this is new India.    

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