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'Datun' In US Supermarket For Rs 1100


Whether it is yoga or Ayurveda, foreign people are adopting traditional Values and things of India. This includes the things that Indians themselves are slowly abandoning. One such thing is Datun which is being sold in the US at this price, in which 6 months of toothpaste is worth your need. As well as a tooth brush.


What is this product?

Harsh Goenka, chairman of RPG Enterprises, has given information about this datun by tweeting. He told that this datun is being sold in the US supermarket in the name of organic toothbrush at a price of $ 15, which is equivalent to about 1100 rupees in India. He wrote that this is similar to what people used to do in our villages. Along with this, he also wrote #marketing, it is clear how a common everyday item of India has been introduced by making it special with packing abroad.

What is unique

You can get information about this product by doing a little search on the net. According to an e-commerce website, this is the Datun of Miswak, two datun in a pack and they are given a cutter and excellent packing to cut. That is, you can neither use a cutter to chew it with your teeth to make it soft, in its advertisement it has been promoted as a 100 percent organic, chemical free, 100 percent recycling product. Currently, according to this e-commerce website, they no longer have these products. However, it is clear from Harsh Goenka's tweet that it is getting Datun in America's supermarket.

Datun is a part of the common life of Indian villages

Datun is considered to be the easiest, cheapest and most effective way of protecting and beautifying teeth in India. People still use it in villages. Generally, people use a thin and soft sprig of neem or miswak as a brush. Neem and Miswak have their own medicinal properties, while neem juice is beneficial if there are spices or wounds in the mouth.

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