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COVID-19 Vaccine Update: Good News About Corona Vaccine, Oxford Vaccine Trial Resumes in UK, Raises Hope in India



Oxford University has raised hopes of developing a corona vaccine amid growing cases of coronavirus, although this hope was shocked when a patient in the UK trial recently faced trouble.  Astrazeneca, which was developing the vaccine, stated that a UK woman involved in the trial had a severe spinal cord, so the company decided to stop the trial.

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This hope of developing the vaccine has again received good news.  Oxford University has said that testing with drug company AstraZeneca to develop the corona virus vaccine will be reinstated. The university said in a statement, "There are apprehensions of such a large test that some participants will be unwell and  Safety will be ensured by carefully evaluating every case.

The statement said that around 18,000 people have been given this vaccine worldwide under the test.  Trials of the Oxford Corona vaccine will now be resumed in all UK testing centers.  Although its time has not been stated.  Information about the patient's illness is not disclosed because of maintaining the confidentiality of the person participating in the trial.  However, it has been emphasized that he is committed to the safety of the partners by adopting the best standards in his study and will be constantly evaluated deeply regarding safety.

According to the statement, around 18,000 people globally have received the study vaccines.  In such large trials it is expected that some participants will become unwell.  Therefore their safety should be carefully evaluated.  It has been concluded that the vaccine trial will be resumed in the UK, following the recommendations of both the committee and the UK regulator.  It has also been reported that medical information about the disease cannot be disclosed due to participant confidentiality.

On the other hand, Professor Fiona Watt,  president of the UK's Medical Research Council, said that safety is of paramount importance in developing any new drug.  It is therefore very reassuring that the trial of the Oxford Corona Virus Vaccine will resume after review by an independent safety committee and the MHRA.

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