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Pakistan insult on international stage, sources- Islamabad's statement won't go for record.

Pakistan's false claims on the online site of its Permanent Mission about giving speeches at the worldwide organization has come under fire . Sources said that Indonesia has told India that Islamabad's statement won't go for record.

Actually, Pakistan's Permanent Mission made a untruth by tweeting on Tuesday. The liar claimed that he had given a speech on terrorism within the council on Monday although his ambassador had not made a speech. Even Pakistan wasn't included within the list of speakers for the virtual meeting held online on Monday. Pakistan's representative Munir Akram didn't even appear within the video of the meeting.

The President of the world organization SC, Indonesia has taken this lie of Pakistan very seriously. Indonesia clarified at India's request that this false claim of Pakistan won't be placed on record. This action by the UNSC organization might be a shame on Pakistan. it's worth noting that the mission of India took a troublesome attack on this false claim of Pakistan.

The Indian Mission at the  issued a strong statement opposing the claim that Pakistan had lied to organisation. Munir Akram, gave a speech on terrorism at the UN Security Council although the session wasn't receptive non-members. this is often a awfully serious matter. India said that we couldn't understand where the Permanent Representative of Pakistan made his statement because the session of the protection Council wasn't receptive non-members today.

Pakistan's mission to the UN on Tuesday released a video via tweet saying that their ambassador Munir Akram has condemned India by giving a speech on terrorism. Not only this, Pakistan alleged that India is sending terrorists there to and providing all help. The Pakistani mission made this claim although it isn't a member of the protection Council.

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